The Colourstrings Association (Colourstrings ry) was founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland. It was established to promote and maintain the Colourstrings™ method, developed at the East-Helsinki Music Institute, by Géza and Csaba Szilvay.


The association’s main purpose is to organize, facilitate and co-ordinate Colourstrings™ Teacher Training courses, and lectures in co-operation with various partner organizations around the world.

Members of the board (2015-16)

Géza Szilvay (artistic and pedagogical manager)

Yvonne Frye (chairman)

Heidi Viksten (treasurer, vice chairman)

Noora Voima (course secretary)

Lauri Kallio (administrative secretary)

Anna Rombach (member)

Csilla Szilvay (member)

Membership of the association is open to everybody interested in instrumental string teaching, pedagogic and music education, as well as the Colourstrings™ method.


Membership benefits

  • Discount on Colourstrings™ material ordered through Fennica Gehrman.
  • Possibility to get advice in questions concerning CS teaching from experienced CS teachers
  • Discount on buying coloustrings teaching videos from the mini fiddlers project – Details


The membership fee is 25 euros per year.
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