Name usage guidelines

Using the name Colourstrings –
Guidelines by the Colourstrings Association


Criteria for using the name Colourstrings for e.g. orchestras, schools, concerts, chamber music ensembles, courses etc.:

  • The right to use the name ”Colourstrings” for any purpose can only be obtained from the Colourstrings Association and the publisher Fennica Gehrman by a written request
  • For bigger projects (Colourstrings orchestras, Colourstrings schools, Colourstrings courses) a member of the executive committee of the Colourstrings Association has to evaluate the project
  • The leader of the project have to have the completion of the 3 phase Colourstrings teacher training certificate
  • The Colourstrings association reserves the right to grant the name Colourstrings for projects but also to withdraw it if the standard is not matching the musical quality Colourstrings is representing
  • All phases of the Colourstrings teacher training are given by Géza Szilvay or Yvonne Frye or a person authorised by the former mentioned two
  • The permission to hold formal introductory courses has to be granted by the executive committee of the Colourstrings Association