The Material

COLOURSTRINGS Violin ABC (Books A-F) – Géza Szilvay

Piano accompaniment E & F     ISMN 979-0-55009-642-4


*Kreutzerini – Supplementary material for Book B   ISMN 55011-173-8

Book F    ISMN 979-0-55009-544-1

Book E    ISMN 979-0-55009-543-4

Book D    ISMN 979-0-55009-328-7

Book C    ISMN 979-0-55009-327-0  (new edition – with 27 new appendix pages)

Book B*   ISMN 979-0-55009-326-3  (new edition)

Book A    ISMN 979-0-55009-325-6


The popular Colourstrings™ violin tutors are designed for children aged from 4 years and are available in 7 volumes. Suitable also for group teaching they make music reading easy right from the start.

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YELLOW PAGES of the Colourstrings Violin School – Géza Szilvay

Plenty of pedagogical material in order to develop the feeling of pulse, to assist the mastering of all rhythms and their combinations and to create a solid base for virtuosic bow technique.


I   Basic Rhythms                                ISMN 979-0-55009-545-8

II  Basic Rhythms and Ornaments   ISMN 979-0-55009-640-0

III Basic Bowings                                 ISMN 979-0-55009-641-7

Piano Accompaniment YP I-III          ISMN 979-0-55011-06-9

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Violin Scales for Children 1, 2 – Géza Szilvay

The first book introduces major and natural minor scales.

In the second book pupils become acquainted with chromatically altered tones and with major and natural minor scales based on them


Book 1   ISMN 979-0-55009-588-5

Book 2   ISMN 979-0-55009-589-2


The renewed scale book volume 3 is under preparation

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Violin Rascals – Lászlo Rossa & Géza Szilvay

Easy Colourstrings™ concert pieces previously published in separate albums. Now the violin parts are published in seven seperate booklets. The piano accompaniment is published in 3 volumes.


Piano accompaniment

Book 1-3: ISMN 979-0-55009-554-0

Book 4-5: ISMN 979-0-55009-570-0

Book 6-7: ISMN 979-0-55009-555-7


Violin Rascals 1   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-556-4

Violin Rascals 2   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-557-1

Violin Rascals 3   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-558-8

Violin Rascals 4   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-571-7

Violin Rascals 5   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-572-4

Violin Rascals 6   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-559-5

Violin Rascals 7   ISBN-13: 979-0-55009-560-1

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Colourstrings Violin Duos I-III – Lászlo Rossa & Géza Szilvay

These violin duos based on folk songs and arranged by László Rossa were designed for the Colourstrings method but can also be used independently. They are designed to give children a taste of the enjoyment of playing together and offer plenty of inspiring material. The duos can also be played by violin groups.


Volume 1   ISMN 979-0-55009-303-4

Volume 2   ISMN 979-0-55009-304-1

Volume 3   ISMN 979-0-55009-305-8

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Sonatini for violin and piano – Lászlo Rossa & Géza Szilvay

This publication paves the way for intimate chamber music and recital playing. The melodies of the violin part are taken from the early volumes of the Colourstrings Violin ABC.


Violin part                           ISMN 979-0-55011-102-8

Piano accompaniment     ISMN 979-0-55011-103-5

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Duettini for two violins – Lászlo Rossa & Géza Szilvay

In these miniature duos, the easy first violin part is taken from the A volume of the Colourstrings™ Violin ABC. To aid the child’s reading it appears with child-friendly coloured notation.


ISMN 979-0-55011-101-1

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Violin ABC – Handbook for Teacher and Parents – Géza Szilvay

Detailed guides for teachers and parents – including over 100 pages – in six different languages.


English        ISMN 979-0-55009-595-3

Finnish        ISMN 979-0-55009-594-6

German       ISMN 979-0-55009-569-4

French         ISMN 979-0-55009-598-4

Italian           ISMN 979-0-55009-597-7

Hungarian   ISMN 979-0-55009-569-0

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